1. Can anyone drive my vehicle?

If the person driving your vehicle has a valid license, yes minus a couple of conditions. If the individual has regular access to your vehicle or lives in the household, they must be listed as a rated driver for you to be properly protected.

2. I don’t drive my car in the winter, is there anything I can do with my insurance?

Yes! We can put your car into a storage policy which will keep only the minimum required insurance on the vehicle, as well as good coverage’s to have in storage like comprehensive damage and towing.

3. How much liability insurance should I carry?

We want to protect your world from all the risks out there. You can figure out what you are at risk for by adding up assets you can liquidate, equity in your home and any accounts like savings. Your liability coverage should exceed the number you came up with.

4. I just got into an accident, what do I do?

Your first step should be to make sure you and everyone else is alright. If there are injuries or damage call 911 right away. Be careful about what you say; never admit fault.

You should take good notes. Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle as well as the damage to the other vehicle. You will want to write down names, phone numbers and addresses of everyone involved in the accident, including of witnesses! Getting the name and badge number of the responding officers can help as well.

You may want to file an accident report with the police. This will give you some documentation to fall back on when you call in to file a claim.